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......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ New features
- New algorithm :ref:`CombineDiffCal <algm-CombineDiffCal>` to calibrate groups of pixels after cross correlation so that diffraction peaks can be adjusted to the correct positions
- New algorithm :ref:`SetSampleFromLogs <algm-SetSampleFromLogs>` inspects the sample enviroment logs for sample material and geometry information
- New script for doing calibration by groups, :ref:`PowderDiffractionCalibration <calibration_tofpd_group_calibration-ref>`
- New algorithm :ref:`CalculatePlaczek <algm-CalculatePlaczek>` to compute both first and second Placzek correction factors.
- New algorithm :ref:`CacculatePlaczekSelfScattering2 <algm-CalculatePlaczekSelfScattering-v2>` utilizes :ref:`CalculatePlaczek <algm-CalculatePlaczek>` to compute first order correction.
- New algorithm :ref:`MultipleScatteringCorrection <algm-MultipleScatteringCorrection>` to compute the multiple scattering correction factor for sample using numerical integration.
- New algorithm :ref:`NOMADMedianDetectorTest <algm-NOMADMedianDetectorTest>` to mask pixels showing deficient or excessive total counts.
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