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switch abs va call

parent 59fd46ee
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ def _getBasename(filename):
return name
<<<<<<< HEAD
<<<<<<< HEAD
def _getInstrName(filename, wksp=None):
......@@ -116,9 +117,12 @@ def _getCacheName(wkspname, wksp_prefix, cache_dir, abs_method):
def _getCachedData(absName, abs_method, sha1, cache_file_name):
def __get_cache_name(wksp_name="", cache_dir="", abs_method="SampleAndContainer"):
def __get_cache_name(meta_wksp_name, abs_method, cache_dir=""):
>>>>>>> switch abs va call
"""generate cachefile name (full path) and sha1
:param wksp_name: name of workspace contains relevant meta data for hashing
:param meta_wksp_name: name of workspace contains relevant meta data for hashing
:param cache_dir: cache directory to scan/load cache data
:param abs_method: method used to perform the absorption calculation
......@@ -127,11 +131,11 @@ def __get_cache_name(wksp_name="", cache_dir="", abs_method="SampleAndContainer"
>>>>>>> try the decorator approach
# grab the workspace
if wksp_name in mtd:
ws = mtd[wksp_name]
if meta_wksp_name in mtd:
ws = mtd[meta_wksp_name]
raise ValueError(
f"Cannot find workspace {wksp_name} to extract meta data for hashing, aborting")
f"Cannot find workspace {meta_wksp_name} to extract meta data for hashing, aborting")
# requires cache_dir
if cache_dir == "":
......@@ -221,24 +225,31 @@ def __load_cached_data(cache_file_name, sha1, abs_method=""):
# In order to use the decorator, we must have consistent naming
# or kwargs as this is probably the most reliable way to get
# the desired data piped in multiple location
# -- bare minimum signaure of the function
# func(wksp_name: str, abs_method:str, cache_dir="")
def abs_cache(func):
"""decorator to make the caching process easier"""
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
# unpack key arguments
wksp_name = args[0]
abs_method = args[1]
cache_dir = kwargs.get("cache_dir", "")
# prompt return if no cache_dir specified
if kwargs.get("cache_dir", "") == "":
if cache_dir == "":
return func(*args, **kwargs)
# step_1: generate the SHA1 and cachefile name
# baseon given kwargs
cache_filename, signature = __get_cache_name(**kwargs)
cache_filename, signature = __get_cache_name(wksp_name, abs_method, cache_dir)
# step_2: try load the cached data
abs_wksp_sample, abs_wksp_container = __load_cached_data(cache_filename, signature,
# step_3: calculation
if (kwargs.get("abs_method", "") == "SampleOnly") and (abs_wksp_sample != ""):
if (abs_method == "SampleOnly") and (abs_wksp_sample != ""):
return abs_wksp_sample
if (abs_wksp_sample != "") and (abs_wksp_container != ""):
......@@ -418,7 +429,7 @@ def calculate_absorption_correction(
def calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp(donor_wksp,
Calculates absorption correction on the specified donor workspace. See the documentation
......@@ -428,6 +439,8 @@ def calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp(donor_wksp,
:param abs_method: Type of absorption correction: None, SampleOnly, SampleAndContainer, FullPaalmanPings
:param element_size: Size of one side of the integration element cube in mm
:param prefix_name: Optional prefix of the output workspaces, default is the donor_wksp name.
:param cache_dir: Cache directory to store cached abs workspace.
:return: Two workspaces (A_s, A_c), the first for the sample and the second for the container
log = Logger('calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp')
......@@ -435,7 +448,7 @@ def calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp(donor_wksp,
log.information(f"Storing cached data in {cache_dir}")
if abs_method == "None":
return None, None
return "", ""
if isinstance(donor_wksp, str):
if not mtd.doesExist(donor_wksp):
......@@ -451,7 +464,7 @@ def calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp(donor_wksp,
OutputWorkspace=absName + '_ass',
return absName + '_ass', None
return absName + '_ass', ""
elif abs_method == "SampleAndContainer":
OutputWorkspace=absName + '_ass',
......@@ -1357,10 +1357,17 @@ class SNSPowderReduction(DistributedDataProcessorAlgorithm):
# calculate the correction which is 1/normal carpenter correction - it doesn't look at sample shape
abs_v_wsn, _ = absorptioncorrutils.calc_absorption_corr_using_wksp(
api.RenameWorkspace(abs_v_wsn, '__V_corr_abs')
# api.AbsorptionCorrection(absWksp,
# OutputWorkspace='__V_corr_abs',
# ScatterFrom='Sample',
# ElementSize=self._elementSize)
api.CalculateCarpenterSampleCorrection(InputWorkspace=absWksp, OutputWorkspaceBaseName='__V_corr',
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