Commit d1ff2d42 authored by Nick Draper's avatar Nick Draper
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fix tests to correctly use a filtered method for logs

parent f90b3d5e
......@@ -330,13 +330,20 @@ public:
auto pclogFiltered1 = dynamic_cast<TimeSeriesProperty<double> *>(
std::vector<double> correctFiltered1{0., 0., 0.};
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pclogFiltered1->valuesAsVector(), correctFiltered1);
//middle value is invalid and is filtered out
TS_ASSERT_DELTA(pclogFiltered1->nthValue(0), 3, 1e-5);
TS_ASSERT_DELTA(pclogFiltered1->nthValue(1), 7, 1e-5);
auto pclogFiltered2 = dynamic_cast<TimeSeriesProperty<double> *>(
std::vector<double> correctFiltered2{0., 0., 0.};
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pclogFiltered2->valuesAsVector(), correctFiltered2);
std::vector<double> correctFiltered2{3., 5., 7.};
// Here the entire log is filtered out
// Our filtering in this case does not filter anything.
// This seems stringe, but actually may be what people want,
// It also resolves the question of what we should do with an entirely invalid log.
TS_ASSERT_DELTA(pclogFiltered2->nthValue(0), 3, 1e-5);
TS_ASSERT_DELTA(pclogFiltered2->nthValue(1), 5, 1e-5);
TS_ASSERT_DELTA(pclogFiltered2->nthValue(2), 7, 1e-5);
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