Commit cea57d57 authored by Mathieu Tillet's avatar Mathieu Tillet
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Take into account the new conversion policy

Since by default, LoadILLTOF now loads without converting the bin edges to TOF,
this algorithm needed to set the parameter to true.
parent 3569bd7a
......@@ -734,7 +734,7 @@ class DirectILLCollectData(DataProcessorAlgorithm):
if inputFiles:
mergedWSName = self._names.withSuffix('merged')
mainWS = LoadAndMerge(Filename=inputFiles, OutputWorkspace=mergedWSName,
LoaderName='LoadILLTOF', EnableLogging=self._subalgLogging)
LoaderName='LoadILLTOF', LoaderOptions={"convertToTOF": True}, EnableLogging=self._subalgLogging)
mainWS = self.getProperty(common.PROP_INPUT_WS).value
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