Commit cce097cb authored by Gemma Guest's avatar Gemma Guest
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Always cast FWHM setter to double

Previously we supported passing lists of ints but they will be cast to
double eventually anyway
parent 0e77fd6a
......@@ -499,7 +499,7 @@ class CrystalField(object):
if self.PhysicalProperty is not None and len(value) == len(self.Temperature) - len(self.PhysicalProperty):
value = value + [0] * len(self.PhysicalProperty)
# Cast all types to match the first elem so we don't have mixed lists of int/doubles
value = [type(value[0])(v) for v in value]
value = [float(v) for v in value]
raise RuntimeError('Vector of FWHMs must either have same size as '
'Temperatures (%i) or have size 1.' % (len(self.Temperature)))
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