Commit c31da313 authored by Lynch, Vickie's avatar Lynch, Vickie
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Refs #21752 fix doc tests

parent b21f8987
......@@ -68,6 +68,9 @@ void export_IPeak() {
.def("setRunNumber", &IPeak::setRunNumber,
(arg("self"), arg("run_number")),
"Set the run number that measured this peak")
.def("setPeakNumber", &IPeak::setPeakNumber,
(arg("self"), arg("peak_number")),
"Set the peak number for this peak")
.def("getMonitorCount", &IPeak::getMonitorCount, arg("self"),
"Get the monitor count set for this peak")
.def("setMonitorCount", &IPeak::setMonitorCount,
......@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ Usage
# Add two peaks to the peaks workspace
AddPeak( pws, ws, TOF=100, DetectorID=101, Height=1 )
AddPeak( pws, ws, TOF=200, DetectorID=102, Height=2 )
peak = pws.getPeak(1).setPeakNumber(1)
peak = pws.getPeak(2).setPeakNumber(2)
# Save the peaks workspace to a file in the user's home directory
isawPeaksFilePath = os.path.expanduser('~/MantidUsageExample_ISawFile.peaks')
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ and rhombohedral centering:
CellType='Hexagonal', Apply=True, Tolerance=0.2)
# Run the SortHKL algorithm
sorted, chi2, statistics_table = SortHKL(peaks, PointGroup='-3m1 (Trigonal - Hexagonal)',
sorted, chi2, statistics_table, equivI = SortHKL(peaks, PointGroup='-3m1 (Trigonal - Hexagonal)',
LatticeCentering='Rhombohedrally centred, obverse')
statistics = statistics_table.row(0)
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Usage
CellType='Hexagonal', Apply=True, Tolerance=0.2)
# Run the SortHKL algorithm
sorted, statistics_table = StatisticsOfPeaksWorkspace(peaks, PointGroup='-3m1 (Trigonal - Hexagonal)',
sorted, statistics_table, equivI = StatisticsOfPeaksWorkspace(peaks, PointGroup='-3m1 (Trigonal - Hexagonal)',
LatticeCentering='Rhombohedrally centred, obverse',
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