Commit bb58c28e authored by Danny Hindson's avatar Danny Hindson
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Suppress gcc compiler warning from BOOST_PYTHON_FUNCTION_OVERLOADS

Suppress type conversion warning generated in gcc compiler from the line using
BOOST_PYTHON_FUNCTION_OVERLOADS. Follow approach used in other cases in the Mantid code base
parent 77b9c037
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
#include "MantidAPI/WorkspaceFactory.h"
#include "MantidAPI/WorkspaceProperty.h"
#include "MantidKernel/V3D.h"
#include "MantidKernel/WarningSuppressions.h"
#include "MantidPythonInterface/core/Converters/CloneToNDArray.h"
#include "MantidPythonInterface/core/Converters/NDArrayToVector.h"
#include "MantidPythonInterface/core/Converters/PySequenceToVector.h"
......@@ -249,7 +250,13 @@ void setPlotType(ITableWorkspace &self, const object &column, int ptype,
// Ignore -Wconversion warnings coming from boost::python
// Seen with GCC 7.1.1 and Boost 1.63.0
BOOST_PYTHON_FUNCTION_OVERLOADS(setPlotType_overloads, setPlotType, 3, 4)
* Get the data column associated with a Y error column
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