Commit b86072a5 authored by Kendrick, Coleman's avatar Kendrick, Coleman Committed by Peterson, Peter
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Fixed error message bug in HB3AFindPeaks

parent 1cbd34a3
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ class HB3AFindPeaks(PythonAlgorithm):
issues["InputWorkspace"] = "Workspace need to be a MDWorkspace"
elif AnalysisDataService[input_ws].getSpecialCoordinateSystem().name != "QSample":
issues["InputWorkspace"] = "Input workspace expected to be in QSample, " \
"workspace is in '{}'".format(input_ws.getSpecialCoordinateSystem().name)
"workspace is in '{}'".format(AnalysisDataService[input_ws].getSpecialCoordinateSystem().name)
elif AnalysisDataService[input_ws].getNumDims() != 3:
issues["InputWorkspace"] = "Workspace has the wrong number of dimensions"
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