Commit addbc6a2 authored by Zhang, Chen's avatar Zhang, Chen
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auto register reverse cmap as well

parent ac7e0db2
......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ def register_customized_colormaps():
cmap_data = np.loadtxt(cmap_file)/255.0
cmap = ListedColormap(cmap_data, name=cmap_name)
cm.register_cmap(name=cmap_name, cmap=cmap)
cmap_data_r = np.flipud(cmap_data)
cmap_r = ListedColormap(cmap_data_r, name=f"{cmap_name}_r")
cm.register_cmap(name=f"{cmap_name}_r", cmap=cmap_r)
class ColorbarWidget(QWidget):
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