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Re #28791 - Added release note for LRAutoReduction changes

parent 4c76124f
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ Improvements
- Sample waviness term is removed from resolution calculation in incoherent mode in :ref:`ReflectometryMomentumTransfer <algm-ReflectometryMomentumTransfer>`.
- Flag to enable / disable apply scaling factor from `ScalingFactorFile`, called `ApplyScalingFactor`, added to :ref:`algm-LiquidsReflectometryReduction`.
- Modified :ref:`algm-LRAutoReduction` to allow the option to autoreduce data with a reference measurement for normalization (instead of only direct beam) using the new :ref:`algm-LRReductionWithReference` algorithm of this release
Bug fixes
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