Commit abde8286 authored by David Fairbrother's avatar David Fairbrother Committed by Gemma Guest
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Cleanup redundant assignments in NativeTypeExtractor

The compiler is smart enough to assign these types directly, this was a
workaround that was for the compiler not fully coercing the implicit
convertors for extractor types
parent 986f0e44
......@@ -27,21 +27,16 @@ struct PyNativeTypeExtractor {
PyObject *rawptr = obj.ptr();
PythonOutputT out;
// This currently doesn't handle lists, but this could be retrofitted in future work
if (PyList_Check(rawptr)) {
out = handleList(obj);
} else if (PyBool_Check(rawptr)) {
bool val = extract<bool>(obj);
out = val;
out = extract<bool>(obj);
} else if (PyFloat_Check(rawptr)) {
double val = extract<double>(obj);
out = val;
out = extract<double>(obj);
} else if (PyLong_Check(rawptr)) {
long val = extract<long>(obj);
out = val;
out = extract<long>(obj);
} else if (PyUnicode_Check(rawptr)) {
std::string val = extract<std::string>(obj);
out = val;
out = extract<std::string>(obj);
} else {
throw std::invalid_argument("Unrecognised Python type");
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