Commit a8ee4e9f authored by Raquel Alvarez Banos's avatar Raquel Alvarez Banos
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Re #11825 Add missing member variables to initialization list

parent 95c6322f
......@@ -25,8 +25,10 @@ using namespace Mantid;
/// Default constructor
: nexus_instrument_name(), corrected_times(NULL), counts(NULL),
detectorGroupings(NULL) {}
: nexus_instrument_name(), nexus_samplename(), nexusLogCount(0),
startTime_time_t(), t_nsp1(0), t_ntc1(0), t_nper(0),
corrected_times(NULL), counts(NULL), detectorGroupings(NULL),
numDetectors(0) {}
/// Destructor deletes temp storage
MuonNexusReader::~MuonNexusReader() {
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