Commit 9ac10cb6 authored by Nick Draper's avatar Nick Draper
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adjust the bool vector test to satisfy AppleClang

parent 929ae46a
......@@ -317,12 +317,20 @@ public:
auto pclog1 = dynamic_cast<TimeSeriesProperty<bool> *>(run.getLogData(
std::vector<bool> correct{true, false, true};
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pclog1->valuesAsVector(), correct);
const auto pcValues = pclog1->valuesAsVector()
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pcValues.size(), correct.size());
for(int i = 0; i < pcValues.size; ++i) {
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pcValues[i], correct[i]);
auto pclog2 = dynamic_cast<TimeSeriesProperty<bool> *>(run.getLogData(
std::vector<bool> correct2{false, false, false};
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pclog2->valuesAsVector(), correct2);
const auto pcValues2 = pclog2->valuesAsVector()
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pcValues2.size(), correct2.size());
for(int i = 0; i < pcValues2.size; ++i) {
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS(pcValues2[i], correct2[i]);
// force the filtering by passing in an empty log
auto emptyProperty = new TimeSeriesProperty<bool>("empty");
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