Commit 98f2d7fc authored by Whitfield, Ross's avatar Whitfield, Ross
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Make spectra extracting more robust

parent f65bb605
......@@ -53,13 +53,19 @@ def cc_calibrate_groups(data_ws,
if previous_calibration:
ApplyDiffCal(data_ws, CalibrationWorkspace=previous_calibration)
data_d = ConvertUnits(data_ws, Target='dSpacing')
data_d = ConvertUnits(data_ws, Target='dSpacing', OutputWorkspace='data_d')
group_list = np.unique(group_ws.extractY())
for group in group_list:
indexes = np.where(group_ws.extractY().flatten() == group)[0]
ExtractSpectra(data_d, WorkspaceIndexList=indexes, OutputWorkspace='_tmp_group_cc')
sn = np.array(group_ws.getSpectrumNumbers())[indexes]
ws_indexes = [data_d.getIndexFromSpectrumNumber(int(i)) for i in sn]
except RuntimeError:
# data does not contain spectrum in group
ExtractSpectra(data_d, WorkspaceIndexList=ws_indexes, OutputWorkspace='_tmp_group_cc')
ExtractUnmaskedSpectra('_tmp_group_cc', OutputWorkspace='_tmp_group_cc')
if mtd['_tmp_group_cc'].getNumberHistograms() < 2:
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