Commit 95d6ecf7 authored by Zhang, Chen's avatar Zhang, Chen Committed by Peterson, Peter
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fix bug where getHistory called twice

parent b3f8b07b
......@@ -489,7 +489,7 @@ class SNSPowderReduction(DistributedDataProcessorAlgorithm):
if can_run_ws_name in mtd:
hstry = mtd[can_run_ws_name].getHistory()
if not hstry.empty():
last_absMethod = hstry.getHistory().getAlgorithm(0).getPropertyValue("TypeOfCorrection")
last_absMethod = hstry.getAlgorithm(0).getPropertyValue("TypeOfCorrection")
if last_absMethod != self._absMethod:
f"Remove {can_run_ws_name} as it is generated with a different method")
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