Commit 9222c28b authored by Danny Hindson's avatar Danny Hindson
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Fix problem on Jenkins cppcheck job

Fix grep command that counts cppcheck errors
In order to trigger the job on Jenkins for this PR I have also
modified a couple of C++ files - specifically I have resolved a
cppcheck warning on method parameter in one of my algorithms
parent 0f52c824
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ private:
Kernel::V3D sourcePos, Kernel::PseudoRandomNumberGenerator &rng);
Geometry::Track generateInitialTrack(const Geometry::IObject &shape,
std::shared_ptr<const Geometry::ReferenceFrame> frame,
const Kernel::V3D sourcePos, Kernel::PseudoRandomNumberGenerator &rng);
const Kernel::V3D &sourcePos, Kernel::PseudoRandomNumberGenerator &rng);
void inc_xyz(Geometry::Track &track, double vl);
void updateWeightAndPosition(Geometry::Track &track, double &weight, const double vmfp, const double sigma_total,
Kernel::PseudoRandomNumberGenerator &rng);
......@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ void CalculateMultipleScattering::updateWeightAndPosition(Geometry::Track &track
Geometry::Track CalculateMultipleScattering::generateInitialTrack(const Geometry::IObject &shape,
std::shared_ptr<const Geometry::ReferenceFrame> frame,
const V3D sourcePos,
const V3D &sourcePos,
Kernel::PseudoRandomNumberGenerator &rng) {
auto sampleBox = shape.getBoundingBox();
// generate random point on front surface of sample bounding box
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ SCRIPT_DIR=$(dirname "$0")
# If errors slip through to master this can be used to set a non-zero
# allowed count while those errors are dealt with. This avoids breaking all
# builds for all developers
if [[ ${JOB_NAME} == *pull_requests* ]]; then
# This relies on the fact pull requests use pull/$PR-NAME
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ cmake --build . --target cppcheck
cppcheck-htmlreport --file=cppcheck.xml --title=Embedded --report-dir=cppcheck-report
# Mark build as passed or failed
errors_count=$(grep -c '</error>' $1)
errors_count=$(grep -c '</error>' cppcheck.xml)
if [ $errors_count -gt ${ALLOWED_ERRORS_COUNT} ]; then
echo "CppCheck found ${ALLOWED_ERRORS_COUNT} errors."
echo "See CppCheck link on the job page for more detail."
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