Commit 8c1ae127 authored by Richard Waite's avatar Richard Waite
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Fix bug in construction of eigenvector matrix

Eigenvectors were not in columns - only obvious when looking at ellipsoid with axes not aligned with viewing axes.
parent 48e2adc8
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ import numpy.linalg as linalg
from .alpha import compute_alpha
from .painter import Painted
import pydevd_pycharm
pydevd_pycharm.settrace('debug_host', port=44444, stdoutToServer=True, stderrToServer=True, suspend=False)
class EllipsoidalIntergratedPeakRepresentation():
"""Provide methods to display a representation of a slice through an
......@@ -193,7 +196,7 @@ def calculate_ellipsoid_matrix(axis_a, axis_b, axis_c, a, b, c, transform):
# transformation matrix (inverse gives transform from MD to view basis)
R = np.vstack((transform((1, 0, 0)), transform((0, 1, 0)), transform((0, 0, 1))))
# matrix with eigenvectors (in view basis) in columns
axes_dir = linalg.inv(R) @ np.vstack((axis_a, axis_b, axis_c))
axes_dir = linalg.inv(R) @ np.hstack((axis_a[:,None], axis_b[:,None], axis_c[:,None]))
return axes_dir @ axes_lengths @ np.transpose(axes_dir)
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