Commit 635eab2f authored by Zhou, Wenduo's avatar Zhou, Wenduo
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Set property shall via storePropertyValue.

parent b4463023
......@@ -378,8 +378,14 @@ void StartLiveDataDialog::updateUiElements(const QString &inst) {
void StartLiveDataDialog::accept() {
// Now manually set the StartTime property as there's a computation needed
DateAndTime startTime = DateAndTime::getCurrentTime() - ui.dateTimeEdit->value() * 60.0;
m_algorithm->setPropertyValue("StartTime", startTime.toISO8601String());
std::string starttime = startTime.toISO8601String();
// Store the value to property value map: property value can be only set from the map to m_algorithm
// as the last step before executing
QString propertyname = QString::fromStdString("StartTime");
QString propertyvalue = QString::fromStdString(starttime);
this->storePropertyValue(propertyname, propertyvalue);
// Call base class
AlgorithmDialog::accept(); // accept executes the algorithm
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