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This algorithm calibrates groups of pixels after cross correlation so that diffraction peaks can be adjusted to the
correct positions.
This algorithm combines pixel calibration results (:math:`prev` subscript below) from the ``PixelCalibration`` workspace with the calibration of focussed data from :ref:`PDCalibration <algm-PDCalibration-v1>` (:math:`pd` subscript below).
The :math:`arb` subscript below denotes values found in the ``CalibrationWorkspace``.
.. note::
The ``GroupedCalibration`` table is assumed to not have :math:`DIFA` or :math:`TZERO` set.
It is also assumed to have calibration values for **all** detector pixels.
The effective calibration values are calculated using the following equations
.. math::
DIFC_{eff} = \frac{DIFC_{pd}}{DIFC_{arb}} * DIFC_{prev}
where :math:`DIFC_{pd}` is from :ref:`PDCalibration <algm-PDCalibration-v1>`, :math:`DIFC_{arb}` is found in the parameter ``CalibrationWorkspace`` that was the input workspace to ``PDCalibration``, and :math:`DIFC_{prev}` is from the previous calibration.
The value of :math:`TZERO` is unchanged
.. math::
DIFC{eff} = \frac{DIFC{pd}}{DIFC{arb}} * DIFC{prev}
TZERO_{eff} = TZERO_{prev}
The value of :math:`DIFA` is updated by
.. math::
:math:`DIFC{pd}` is the DIFC produced by PDCalibration, found in the parameter "GroupedCalibration"
DIFA_{eff} = \left( \frac{DIFC_{pd}}{DIFC_{arb}} \right)^2 * DIFA_{prev}
:math:`DIFC{arb}` is found in the parameter "CalibrationWorkspace"
:math:`DIFC{prev}` is the previous DIFCs generated by CrossCorrelation, found in the parameter "PixelCalibration"
If pixels are masked in ``MaskWorkspace``, missing from ``PixelCalibration``, or missing from the list of contributing pixels in ``CalibrationWorkspace``, then the calibration constants found in ``GroupedCalibration`` will be copied.
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