Commit 4eaa93f6 authored by Shahroz Ahmed's avatar Shahroz Ahmed
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updated file some important comments regarding the Gem system test

refs #14908
parent 439329e8
......@@ -192,8 +192,15 @@ class ISISPowderDiffractionGem2(stresstesting.MantidStressTest):
"GEM/VanaPeaks.dat", "GEM/test/GrpOff/",
# note: VanaPeaks.dat is used only if provided in the directory and is compulsory
# required here for GEM
# note:
# ISISPowderDiffractionGem2 system test required new .raw files and that are actually
# been previously been used in order to generate the vanadium files.
# The pref file is using two files for Vanadium `48038+48039`. This `pref file` was found
# on the network and being utilised by the scientists, hence used the exact .pref`, `.raw`
# and `.cal` files in order to run Powder Diffraction with GEM.
# For some reason `striping the vanadium peaks` for GEM is a must, unless it seems to crash
# and this is the reason the correct `GEM` version of `VanaPeaks.dat` is required within
# the directory.
def _clean_up_files(self, filenames, directories):
......@@ -240,7 +247,6 @@ class ISISPowderDiffractionGem2(stresstesting.MantidStressTest):
self._clean_up_files(filenames, DIRS)
# Deletion of invalid
# ======================================================================
# work horse
class LoadTests2(unittest.TestCase):
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