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# File: Mantid Properties
# Purpose: This file contains the basic configuration for Mantid.
# WARNING: This file is not intended to be edited by users.
# If you wish to override any setting in this file
# Simply copy the entry into the Mantid.User.Properties file
# and set the value you desire there. Any settings in the
# file will override those set in this file.
# This File will be overwritten with each new version of Mantid, however
# we will never alter your file so settings there are safe.
#framework configuration
mantid.legs = 6
# A semi-colon separated list of supported facilities
supported.facilities = ISIS;SNS
# Set a default facility
default.facility = ISIS
# Set a default instrument
default.instrument =
#logging configuration
logging.loggers.root.level = information = fileChannel
logging.channels.fileChannel.class = FileChannel
logging.channels.fileChannel.path = Test.log
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.class = PatternFormatter
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.pattern = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S,%i [%I] %p %s - %t
logging.channels.fileChannel.times = local
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.times = local
# Where to find mantid plugin libraries = .
#Plugin configuration = ../../release
# Where to find Mantid Qt plugin libraries = .
#Where to load instrument definition files from = ../../../../Test/Instrument
# Where to load instrument definition files from = ../../../Test/Instrument
#Where to load instrument definition files from = ../../../../Test/Instrument
# Where to load parameter definition files from = ../../../Test/Instrument
# Location of Python scripts that are required for certain aspects of Mantid to function
# correctly, i.e. customized interfaces
# WARNING: Altering this value will almost certainly break Mantid functionality
requiredpythonscript.directories = ../PythonAPI/scripts/Crystallography;../PythonAPI/scripts/Disordered Materials;../PythonAPI/scripts/Engineering;../PythonAPI/scripts/Excitations;../PythonAPI/scripts/Large Scale Structures;../PythonAPI/scripts/Molecular Spectroscopy;\
# Additional directory for Python scripts. This is added to the Python path by the
# Python API (DEPRECATED: Use pythonscripts.directories)
# Note that this is NOT recursive = ../PythonAPI/scripts
# Additional directories for Python scripts. These are added to the Python path by the
# Python API.
# Note that they are NOT recursive
pythonscripts.directories = ../PythonAPI/scripts
# The locations of Python algorithms that are to be loaded at startup
pythonalgorithms.directories = ../PythonAPI/PythonAlgorithms = ../../../../Test/Instrument
# A semi-colon(;) separated list of directories to use to search for data
# Use forward slash / for all paths
datasearch.directories =
# The location of the scripts directory. This is added to the python path by the
# Python API so that Mantid scripts can be imported more easily = ../../PythonAPI/scripts
# Setting this to On enables searching the facilitie's archive automatically
datasearch.searcharchive = Off
# Data search path
datasearch.directories = ../../../../Test/AutoTestData;../../../../Test/Data;../../../../Test/Data/sns_event_prenexus;../../../../Test/Nexus;../../../../Test/Nexus/SNS
# A default directory to use for saving files
# Use forward slash / for all paths =
# Default save directory = .
# ICat downlaod directory = ../../../Test/Data/ICatDownload = .
# The Number of algorithms properties to retain im memory for refence in scripts.
algorithms.retained = 50
# ManagedWorkspace.LowerMemoryLimit sets the memory limit to trigger the use of
# a ManagedWorkspace. A ManagedWorkspace will be used for a workspace requiring greater amount of memory
# than defined by LowerMemoryLimit. LowerMemoryLimit is a precentage of the physical memory available for
# the process. On Linux it is the free physical memory, on Windows it is the smaller of the free physical memory
# and the available virtual memory. The default value for LowerMemoryLimit is 40%. Setting the limit too high
# may lead to unrecoverable bad allocations. If this happens the advice is to close Mantid and relaunch it
# with a smaller LowerMemoryLimit.
# Uncommenting the line below will lead to all 2D workspaces being of the ManagedWorkspace2D variety
#ManagedWorkspace.LowerMemoryLimit = 0
ManagedWorkspace.LowerMemoryLimit = 80
# Setting this to 1 will disable managed workspaces completely - use with care!
ManagedWorkspace.AlwaysInMemory = 0
ManagedWorkspace.DataBlockSize = 4000
ManagedWorkspace.FilePath = ../temp
CompressedWorkspace.DoNotUse = 1
# Defines the area (in FWHM) on both sides of the peak centre within which peaks are calculated.
# Outside this area peak functions return zero.
curvefitting.peakRadius = 5
ManagedWorkspace.FilePath = .
#Uncommenting the line below will enable algorithm chain re-running whenever a
#workspace is replaced. Uncommenting and setting it to 0 will also turn it off
#enabling this is currently discouraged as it could cause race conditions with python scripts
#AlgorithmChaining.SwitchedOn = 1
# logging configuration
# root level message filter (drop to debug for more messages)
logging.loggers.root.level = information
# splitting the messages to many logging channels = SplitterChannel = consoleChannel = fileFilterChannel = signalChannel
# output to the console - primarily for console based apps
logging.channels.consoleChannel.class = ConsoleChannel
logging.channels.consoleChannel.formatter = f1
# specfic filter for the file channel raising the level to warning (drop to debug for debugging)
logging.channels.fileFilterChannel.class= FilterChannel fileChannel
logging.channels.fileFilterChannel.level= warning
# output to a file (For error capturing and debugging)
logging.channels.fileChannel.class = FileChannel
logging.channels.fileChannel.path = ../logs/mantid.log
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.class = PatternFormatter
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.pattern = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S,%i [%I] %p %s - %t
logging.formatters.f1.class = PatternFormatter
logging.formatters.f1.pattern = %s-[%p] %t
logging.formatters.f1.times = local
logging.channels.fileChannel.formatter.times = local
# SignalChannel - Passes messages to the MantidPlot User interface
logging.channels.signalChannel.class = SignalChannel
algorithms.retained = 50
@echo off
IF "%VCINSTALLDIR%"=="" CALL "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat"
IF "%MANTIDTESTSETUP%"=="" SET PATH=%CD%\..\..\..\Third_Party\lib\win32;%CD%\..\..\Debug;%PATH%
REM Simple script to build and run the tests.
REM Have kept separate from the makefile since that's automatically generated
REM by Eclipse.
REM Author: Owen Arnold, 01/10/2010
echo "Generating the source from the test header files..."
ECHO Building only %1
python ..\..\..\Third_Party\src\cxxtest\ --runner=MantidPrinter -o runner.cpp %1
ECHO Building all .h files
python ..\..\..\Third_Party\src\cxxtest\ --runner=MantidPrinter -o runner.cpp *.h
echo "Compiling the test executable..."
cl runner.cpp /I "..\inc" /I "..\..\..\Third_Party\include" /I "..\..\..\Third_Party\Include\hdf5" /I "..\..\..\Third_Party\Include\hdf5\win32" /I "..\..\..\Third_Party\src\cxxtest" /I "..\..\kernel\inc" /I "..\..\DataHandling\inc" /I "..\..\DataObjects\inc" /I "..\..\Geometry\inc" /I "..\..\API\inc" /I "../../Nexus/inc" /I "../../CurveFitting\inc" /I "..\inc\MantidMDAlgorithms" /I "..\..\MDDataObjects\inc" /DBOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK /DBOOST_DATE_TIME_POSIX_TIME_STD_CONFIG /EHsc /MDd /W3 /wd4275 /nologo /c /ZI /TP
link /OUT:"runner.exe" /NOLOGO /LIBPATH:"../../Debug" /LIBPATH:"../../../Third_Party/lib/win32" /DEBUG /PDB:".\runner.pdb" hdf5ddll.lib Mantidkernel.lib Mantidapi.lib Mantidalgorithms.lib MantidCurveFitting.lib Mantiddatahandling.lib Mantiddataobjects.lib Mantidgeometry.lib MantidNexus.lib MDAlgorithms.lib runner.obj
echo "Copying in properties files..."
copy /Y ..\..\Build\Tests\*properties
echo "Running the tests..."
REM Remove the generated files to ensure that they're not inadvertently run
REM when something in the chain has failed.
echo "Cleaning up..."
del runner.cpp
del *.obj
del *.pdb
del runner.lib
del runner.ilk
del runner.exp
del vc100.idb
del runner.exe
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