Commit 41e106a9 authored by Zhang, Chen's avatar Zhang, Chen
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passing in the crystal denstiy from selfscattering v2

parent 94239320
......@@ -45,10 +45,12 @@ void CalculatePlaczekSelfScattering2::init() {
void CalculatePlaczekSelfScattering2::exec() {
const API::MatrixWorkspace_sptr inWS = getProperty("InputWorkspace");
const API::MatrixWorkspace_sptr incidentWS = getProperty("IncidentSpecta");
const double crystalDensity = getProperty("CrystalDensity");
auto alg = createChildAlgorithm("CalculatePlaczek");
alg->setProperty("IncidentSpectra", incidentWS);
alg->setProperty("InputWorkspace", inWS);
alg->setProperty("CrystalDensity", crystalDensity);
alg->setProperty("Order", 1); // default order is one, just being explicit here
API::MatrixWorkspace_sptr outputWS = alg->getProperty("OutputWorkspace");
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