Unverified Commit 364f8dd9 authored by Jose Borreguero's avatar Jose Borreguero Committed by GitHub
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Refs #30765 remove TubeDatabseDir property

parent 2596c629
......@@ -116,10 +116,7 @@ class CorelliPowderCalibrationCreate(DataProcessorAlgorithm):
self.declareProperty(name='OutputWorkspacesPrefix', defaultValue='pdcal_', direction=Direction.Input,
doc="Prefix to be added to output workspaces")
# Tube Calibration properties
defaultValue='/SNS/CORELLI/shared/calibration/tube', direction=Direction.Input,
doc='path to database containing detector heights')
# PDCalibration properties exposed, grouped
property_names = ['TofBinning', 'PeakFunction', 'PeakPositions']
self.copyProperties('PDCalibration', property_names)
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