Commit 2a3da3fb authored by Hahn, Steven's avatar Hahn, Steven
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Merge pull request #15720 from mantidproject/ComptonProfile_Coverity_Fix

Fix Coverity defect 1353543
parents 3818862a bf7b1a21
......@@ -29,8 +29,7 @@ const char *MASS_NAME = "Mass";
: API::ParamFunction(), API::IFunction1D(), m_log("ComptonProfile"),
m_wsIndex(0), m_voigt(), m_resolutionFunction(), m_yspace(), m_modQ(),
m_e0() {
m_e0(), m_mass(0.0) {
using namespace Mantid::API;
m_resolutionFunction = boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<VesuvioResolution>(
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