Commit 2a0c6390 authored by Peterson, Peter's avatar Peterson, Peter
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Use supplied xmin and xmax

parent f0bda9bd
......@@ -141,9 +141,9 @@ class RebinRagged(PythonAlgorithm):
for i, (name, xmin, xmax, delta) in enumerate(zip(names, xmins, xmaxs, deltas)):
# don't go beyond the range of the data
x = inputWS.readX(i)
if xmin < x[0] or xmin == Property.EMPTY_DBL:
if xmin == Property.EMPTY_DBL:
xmin = x[0]
if xmax > x[-1] or xmax == Property.EMPTY_DBL:
if xmax == Property.EMPTY_DBL:
xmax = x[-1]
progStart = 3 * i * progStep
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ class RebinRagged(PythonAlgorithm):
endProgress=(progStart + progStep),
except Exception as e:
raise RuntimeError('for index={}'.format(i)) from e
raise RuntimeError('for index={}: {}'.format(i, e)) from e
# accumulate
if accumulationWS is None:
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