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Refs #12535. Checkpointing progress on refactoring FilterEvents.

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......@@ -544,7 +544,7 @@ public:
* (2) Count events in each output including "-1", the excluded/unselected
void Xtest_FilterRelativeTime() {
void test_FilterRelativeTime() {
// Create EventWorkspace and SplittersWorkspace
int64_t runstart_i64 = 20000000000;
int64_t pulsedt = 100 * 1000 * 1000;
......@@ -806,8 +806,9 @@ public:
// add some arbitrary sample log for splitting or not splitting
eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty(new Kernel::PropertyWithValue<std::string>("LogA", "A"));
// eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty("LogB", "B", true);
// eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty("Title", "Testing EventWorkspace");
eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty(new Kernel::PropertyWithValue<std::string>("LogB", "B"));
eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty(new Kernel::PropertyWithValue<std::string>("LogC", "C"), true);
eventWS->mutableRun().addProperty(new Kernel::PropertyWithValue<std::string>("Title", "Testing EventWorkspace"));
// add an integer slow log
auto int_tsp = Kernel::make_unique<Kernel::TimeSeriesProperty<int> >("slow_int_log");
......@@ -94,6 +94,25 @@ Comparing with other event filtering algorithms
Wiki page :ref:`EventFiltering` has a detailed introduction on event
filtering in MantidPlot.
Developer's Note
Splitters given by TableWorkspace
- The *start/stop* time is converted to **m_vecSplitterTime**.
- The *splitting target* (in string) is mapped to a set of continuous integers that are stored in **m_vecSplitterGroup**.
- The mapping will be recorded in **m_targetIndexMap** and **m_wsGroupIndexTargetMap**.
- Class variable **m_maxTargetIndex** is set up to record the highest target group/index,i.e., the max value of m_vecSplitterGroup
Undefined splitting target
Indexed as **0** in **m_vecSplitterGroup**.
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