Commit 228d4819 authored by Antti Soininen's avatar Antti Soininen
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Fix issues regarding zero length V3D

Most issues stemmed from trying to normalize a zero length V3D in the
unit tests. We now throw in a few places where an illegal vector
operation is tried out.

Re #24898
parent 3da2a5c6
......@@ -77,8 +77,7 @@ void export_Quat() {
.def("__eq__", &Quat::operator==,(arg("self"), arg("other")))
.def("__ne__", &Quat::operator!=,(arg("self"), arg("other")))
(const double &(Quat::*)(int)const) & Quat::operator[],
(double (Quat::*)(int)const) & Quat::operator[],
(arg("self"), arg("index")))
.def("__str__", &Quat::toString, arg("self"));
......@@ -16,30 +16,6 @@
<component type="moderator">
<location z="-15.0"/>
<type name="moderator" is="Source"/>
<component type="sample-position">
<location y="0.0" x="0.0" z="0.0"/>
<type name="sample-position" is="SamplePos">
<cylinder id="cyl-approx">
<centre-of-bottom-base y="0.0" x="0.0" z="0.0"/>
<axis y="0.0" x="0.0" z="1.0"/>
<radius radius="0.1"/>
<height height="0.3"/>
<algebra val="cyl-approx"/>
......@@ -60,24 +36,12 @@
<!-- Pixel for Detectors-->
<type is="detector" name="pixel">
<cuboid id="pixel-shape">
<left-front-bottom-point y="-0.001" x="-0.001" z="0.0"/>
<left-front-top-point y="0.001" x="-0.001" z="0.0"/>
<left-back-bottom-point y="-0.001" x="-0.001" z="-0.0001"/>
<right-front-bottom-point y="-0.001" x="0.001" z="0.0"/>
<algebra val="pixel-shape"/>
<type is="detector" name="pixel">
<cuboid id="pixel-shape">
<left-front-bottom-point y="-1" x="-1" z="-1"/>
<left-front-bottom-point y="-1" x="-1" z="1"/>
<left-front-top-point y="1" x="-1" z="1"/>
<left-back-bottom-point y="-1" x="-1" z="-1"/>
<right-front-bottom-point y="-1" x="1" z="-1"/>
<right-front-bottom-point y="-1" x="1" z="1"/>
<algebra val="pixel-shape"/>
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