Commit 20dc4949 authored by Peterson, Peter's avatar Peterson, Peter
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Changing signature on dealing with chunking

parent 45ac9263
......@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ protected:
void setPropManagerPropName(const std::string &propName);
void mapPropertyName(const std::string &nameInProp, const std::string &nameInPropManager);
void copyProperty(API::Algorithm_sptr alg, const std::string& name);
ITableWorkspace_sptr determineChunk();
void loadChunk();
ITableWorkspace_sptr determineChunk(const std::string &filename);
void loadChunk(const size_t rowIndex);
Workspace_sptr load(const std::string &inputData,
const bool loadQuiet = false);
std::vector<std::string> splitInput(const std::string &input);
......@@ -182,12 +182,15 @@ PropertyManagerOwner::TypedValue DataProcessorAlgorithm::getProperty(const std::
return Algorithm::getProperty(name);
ITableWorkspace_sptr DataProcessorAlgorithm::determineChunk() {
ITableWorkspace_sptr DataProcessorAlgorithm::determineChunk(const std::string &filename) {
throw std::runtime_error(
"DataProcessorAlgorithm::determineChunk is not implemented");
void DataProcessorAlgorithm::loadChunk() {
void DataProcessorAlgorithm::loadChunk(const size_t rowIndex) {
throw std::runtime_error(
"DataProcessorAlgorithm::loadChunk is not implemented");
......@@ -62,11 +62,11 @@ public:
void setAccumAlgProxy(const std::string &alg) { this->setAccumAlg(alg); }
API::ITableWorkspace_sptr determineChunkProxy() {
return this->determineChunk();
API::ITableWorkspace_sptr determineChunkProxy(const std::string &filename) {
return this->determineChunk(filename);
void loadChunkProxy() { this->loadChunk(); }
void loadChunkProxy(const size_t rowIndex) { this->loadChunk(rowIndex); }
API::Workspace_sptr loadProxy(const std::string &inputData,
const bool loadQuiet = false) {
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