Commit 2008fa85 authored by Gagik Vardanyan's avatar Gagik Vardanyan
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change the declaration to use keyword args

parent b87924b7
......@@ -163,8 +163,8 @@ class SANSILLIntegration(PythonAlgorithm):
lambda_range_validator = CompositeValidator()
self.declareProperty(FloatArrayProperty('WavelengthRange', [1., 10.], lambda_range_validator),
'Wavelength range [Angstrom] to be used in integration (TOF only).')
self.declareProperty(FloatArrayProperty(name='WavelengthRange', defaultValue=[1., 10.], validator=lambda_range_validator),
doc='Wavelength range [Angstrom] to be used in integration (TOF only).')
def PyExec(self):
self._input_ws = self.getPropertyValue('InputWorkspace')
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