Commit 0dbedc69 authored by David Fairbrother's avatar David Fairbrother
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Bump cppcheck warning count up

Bumps cppcheck warning count up by 3. Cppcheck and clang-tidy disagree
on const ref and std::move.

Clang-tidy states that const ref makes the lifetime non-obvious, and
someone who want's to transfer ownership can use std::move

Cppcheck states that we should take a const ref because copy is
expensive (but doesn't not factor in std::move)

On balance, I'll favour clang-tidy because move is a thing and it
clarifies lifetime especially with shared_ptr. Since these warnings are
in a mess of 1700+ I can't see where the suppression goes, so lets leave
it for the future
parent 3cfca864
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ SCRIPT_DIR=$(dirname "$0")
# If errors slip through to master this can be used to set a non-zero
# allowed count while those errors are dealt with. This avoids breaking all
# builds for all developers
if [[ ${JOB_NAME} == *pull_requests* ]]; then
# This relies on the fact pull requests use pull/$PR-NAME
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