Commit 09694c8b authored by Russell Taylor's avatar Russell Taylor
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Re #8638. Add missing unit test.

parent 7d5a07e4
......@@ -91,7 +91,29 @@ public:
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS( runInfo.getProperties().size(), 0 );
void testStartTime()
LogManager runInfo;
// Nothing there yet
TS_ASSERT_THROWS( runInfo.startTime(), std::runtime_error );
// Add run_start and see that get picked up
const std::string run_start("2013-12-19T13:38:00");
auto run_start_prop = new PropertyWithValue<std::string>("run_start",run_start);
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS( runInfo.startTime(), DateAndTime(run_start) );
// Add start_time and see that get picked up in preference
const std::string start_time("2013-12-19T13:40:00");
auto start_time_prop = new PropertyWithValue<std::string>("start_time",start_time);
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS( runInfo.startTime(), DateAndTime(start_time) );
// But get back run_start again if start_time is equal to the epoch
const std::string epoch("1990-01-01T00:00:00");
TS_ASSERT_EQUALS( runInfo.startTime(), DateAndTime(run_start) );
// And back to failure if they're both that
TS_ASSERT_THROWS( runInfo.startTime(), std::runtime_error );
void testMemory()
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