Commit 056d3270 authored by Matthew Bowles's avatar Matthew Bowles
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comments and formatting Re #19472

parent 9db0bda8
......@@ -158,16 +158,16 @@ void PeaksWorkspace::removePeaks(const std::vector<int> &badPeaks) {
auto first = peaks.begin();
auto result = first;
for (Peak p : peaks) {
//if index of peak is not in badPeaks
// if index of peak is not in badPeaks
if (std::find(badPeaks.begin(), badPeaks.end(), i) == badPeaks.end()) {
//include in result
// include in result
*result = std::move(*first);
//erase peaks outside of result
// erase peaks outside of result
peaks.erase(result, peaks.end());
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