Commit 02c673e4 authored by Savici, Andrei T's avatar Savici, Andrei T Committed by Peterson, Peter
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Update Framework/MDAlgorithms/src/MDWSDescription.cpp

Co-authored-by: Peterson, Peter's avatarPete Peterson <>
parent 67c4d8d2
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ void MDWSDescription::buildFromMatrixWS(const API::MatrixWorkspace_sptr &pWS, co
void MDWSDescription::setWS(API::MatrixWorkspace_sptr otherMatrixWS) { m_InWS = std::move(otherMatrixWS); }
/// Method checks if input workspace has defined goniometer
bool MDWSDescription::hasGoniometer() const {
if ((m_InWS != nullptr) && (m_InWS->run().getNumGoniometers()))
if ((m_InWS != nullptr) && (m_InWS->run().getNumGoniometers() > 0))
return m_InWS->run().getGoniometer().isDefined();
return false;
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