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    Changes to dSpacing to TOF in ConvertUnits · 8a3c9690
    Danny Hindson authored and Zhang, Chen's avatar Zhang, Chen committed
    Changes to the Unit class and ConvertUnits algorithm to allow
    diffractometer constants (DIFA, DIFC, TZERO) stored in the instrument map
    to be used in conversions between d spacing and TOF and v.v.
    Rather than add 3 more parameters to lots of methods provided by the Unit
    class I have changed some of the methods to take a std:map containing the
    optional parameters relevant to only some units. I have included efixed
    and delta in this new map
    New diffractometerConstants method added to SpectrumInfo and DetectorInfo
    to allow retrieval for a particular spectrum including averaging across
    detectors. Also manages situations where some of the three constants are
    New algorithm created called ApplyDiffCal to read the diffractometer
    constants from a diffraction calibration table workspace and write them
    into the instrument parameter map
    Add diffractometer constants to the Show Detectors screen for elastic
    Remove the Diffraction.cpp unit and replace with calls to dSpacing unit class
    Add ability to write difa, difc, tzero into a reduced instrument
    geometry as part of EditInstrumentGeometry