Commit 772349de authored by Sam Parker's avatar Sam Parker
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[PPC] Try to fix builbots

Attempt to handle unsupported types, such as structs, in
getMemoryOpCost. The backend now checks for a supported type and
calls into BasicTTI as a fallback. BasicTTI will now also perform
the same check and will default to an expensive cost of 4 for 'Other'

Differential Revision:
parent 68a8336b
......@@ -884,6 +884,9 @@ public:
TTI::TargetCostKind CostKind,
const Instruction *I = nullptr) {
assert(!Src->isVoidTy() && "Invalid type");
// Assume types, such as structs, are expensive.
if (getTLI()->getValueType(DL, Src, true) == MVT::Other)
return 4;
std::pair<unsigned, MVT> LT = getTLI()->getTypeLegalizationCost(DL, Src);
// Assuming that all loads of legal types cost 1.
......@@ -859,6 +859,9 @@ int PPCTTIImpl::getMemoryOpCost(unsigned Opcode, Type *Src,
MaybeAlign Alignment, unsigned AddressSpace,
TTI::TargetCostKind CostKind,
const Instruction *I) {
if (TLI->getValueType(DL, Src, true) == MVT::Other)
return BaseT::getMemoryOpCost(Opcode, Src, Alignment, AddressSpace,
// Legalize the type.
std::pair<int, MVT> LT = TLI->getTypeLegalizationCost(DL, Src);
assert((Opcode == Instruction::Load || Opcode == Instruction::Store) &&
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