Unverified Commit 381054a9 authored by Roman Lebedev's avatar Roman Lebedev
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[InstCombine] visitBitCast(): do not crash on weird `bitcast <1 x i8*> to i8*`

Even if we know that RHS of a bitcast is a pointer,
we can't assume LHS is, because it might be
a single-element vector of pointer.
parent 1e2691fe
......@@ -2471,8 +2471,9 @@ Instruction *InstCombiner::visitBitCast(BitCastInst &CI) {
if (DestTy == Src->getType())
return replaceInstUsesWith(CI, Src);
if (PointerType *DstPTy = dyn_cast<PointerType>(DestTy)) {
if (isa<PointerType>(SrcTy) && isa<PointerType>(DestTy)) {
PointerType *SrcPTy = cast<PointerType>(SrcTy);
PointerType *DstPTy = cast<PointerType>(DestTy);
Type *DstElTy = DstPTy->getElementType();
Type *SrcElTy = SrcPTy->getElementType();
......@@ -561,3 +561,9 @@ define void @constant_fold_vector_to_half() {
store volatile half bitcast (<4 x i4> <i4 0, i4 0, i4 0, i4 4> to half), half* undef
ret void
; Ensure that we do not crash when looking at such a weird bitcast.
define i8* @bitcast_from_single_element_pointer_vector_to_pointer(<1 x i8*> %ptrvec) {
%ptr = bitcast <1 x i8*> %ptrvec to i8*
ret i8* %ptr
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