Commit 31bd860e authored by Guillaume Chatelet's avatar Guillaume Chatelet
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Revert "Use concrete natural type alignment for masked load/store operations instead of 0."

This reverts commit 39819ccd.
parent ebc88811
......@@ -1388,12 +1388,11 @@ public:
case Intrinsic::sideeffect:
return 0;
case Intrinsic::masked_store:
return ConcreteTTI->getMaskedMemoryOpCost(Instruction::Store, Tys[0],
return ConcreteTTI->getMaskedMemoryOpCost(Instruction::Store, Tys[0], 0,
0, CostKind);
case Intrinsic::masked_load:
return ConcreteTTI->getMaskedMemoryOpCost(
Instruction::Load, RetTy, DL.getABITypeAlignment(RetTy), 0, CostKind);
return ConcreteTTI->getMaskedMemoryOpCost(Instruction::Load, RetTy, 0, 0,
case Intrinsic::experimental_vector_reduce_add:
return ConcreteTTI->getArithmeticReductionCost(Instruction::Add, VecOpTy,
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