Unverified Commit 0c221470 authored by Roman Lebedev's avatar Roman Lebedev
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[NFCI][InstSimplify] Add CHECK-LABEL to new icmp.ll test

parent 8911a351
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ declare void @usei8ptr(i8* %ptr)
; Ensure that we do not crash when looking at such a weird bitcast.
define i1 @bitcast_from_single_element_pointer_vector_to_pointer(<1 x i8*> %ptr1vec, i8* %ptr2) {
; CHECK-LABEL: @bitcast_from_single_element_pointer_vector_to_pointer(
%ptr1 = bitcast <1 x i8*> %ptr1vec to i8*
call void @usei8ptr(i8* %ptr1)
%cmp = icmp eq i8* %ptr1, %ptr2
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