Commit be31b789 authored by Cooper, Caleb's avatar Cooper, Caleb

Patch 2

parent 8f182d3d
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ ornltoolbox-build:
- bash -x repoman-pull.bash
- bash -x repoman-pull.bash ${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME}
stage: deploy
- repoman
#! /bin/bash
/home/gitlab-runner/auto-sign.exp *.rpm
/home/gitlab-runner/auto-sign.exp ${1}*.rpm
sudo rm -f /repo/ornltoolbox/RPM/*.rpm
sudo cp *.rpm /repo/ornltoolbox/RPM/
sudo cp ${1}*.rpm /repo/ornltoolbox/RPM/
sudo createrepo -v /repo/ornltoolbox/RPM/
sudo rm -rf /repo/ornltoolbox/DEB/
#sudo rm -f /repo/ornltoolbox/DEB/dists/bionic/main/binary-amd64/*.deb
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