Start the python notebooks

We provide a set of jupyter python notebooks. Those provide many advantages:

  • rapid implementation for your special needs
  • ease of use
  • easy to modify if you need to
  • use of python language (widely used in the scientific world)
  • nothing to install for you as we take care of this for you when you use your analysis computer

To launch the jupyter notebooks, navigate to Applications > Analysis > Jupyter. Be patient as the python server starts a firefox browser with the right python environment and move to the right folder, for you!

Getting the browser up and running with the notebooks page display takes around 10 to 20 seconds.

To start a notebook, just click any of the .ipynb file (normalization.ipynb in this tutorial).

First thing we recommend at this point is to make a copy of this notebook. This way, update of the notebooks will not overwrite your work.

Make sure you do not close the terminal window that you can find behind the browser as killing it will terminate your notebook sesssion.