Integrated ROI Counts vs File Name and Time Stamp

Notebook name: integrated_roi_counts_vs_file_name_and_time_stamp.ipynb


This notebook will create an ASCII file with the following information

  • file index
  • file name
  • time stamp of file
  • Mean or total number of counts of each region of interest for each image

Start the notebook

If you need help accessing this notebook, check the How To > Start the python notebooks tutorial.

How to Use It?

Select your IPTS

Check the full tutorial here

loading the Images

Simply select all the images you want to work on.

Check the file selection tool tutorial to learn how to use the file selector tool.

Presentation of the UI

Step by Step

ROI selection

You have the option with this UI to select more than one region of interest (ROI). Click the + button on the right to add a ROI, and - if you want to remove the ROI selected. You can also enabled or disabled any of the ROIs.

To modify any of the ROI, you can either:

  • move or resize the ROI directly from the Image window
  • manually change x0, y0, width or/and height in the ROI table

The total conts vs file index plot will be updated live as you modified the ROI. This plot displays the mean or total counts of the ROIs for each image (1 image = 1 data point)

Integration Algorithm

The current implementation provides 2 algorithms to integrate the counts within each ROI

  • Add - sum counts of all the pixels in the ROI
  • Mean - average counts of all the pixels in the ROI

The total counts vs file index plot will be updated live as you change the algorithm.

Export the Counts vs file name and time stamp information

Click the Export Counts vs File Name and Time Stamp … button to create the ascii file version of the data found int the Summary Tab table.

The following 3 images shows an example where 3 ROIs have been created, how the summary tab looks like and the final output file created.