Notebook name: profile.ipynb


We created this notebook to get very precise profile of samples. For example, if you want to select a profile of exactly the center of your cylindrical sample, then this notebook is for you.

Start the notebook

If you need help accessing this notebook, check the How To > Start the python notebooks tutorial.

Select your IPTS

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Select Images to Process

Select the images you want to process using the File Selector. Once you click the Select button, the time stamp and the images will be automatically loaded. Wait for the progress bar to be done.

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Profile UI Presentation

How Does it Work ?

Tool to Help you Select the Profile(s)

The guide (red box surrounding the profile) is only there to help you define and move your profile with precision. Once the profile has been defined, disable the guide to lock the position of the profile.

Profiles Plots

The profile plots of the current image selected are displayed at the bottom of the interface.

All Profiles / All Images

By going to the tab All Profiles / All Images, you can display on the same plot the profiles you select with the images you select.

Export Profiles

After clicking the Export Profiles… button, and selecting an output folder, each profile will produce an ascii file. The top of this ascii file contains some metadata such as size of profile, list of input file name…. Then the profile for each file will be saved into a comma separated table where each column is a file.