Frederick IPTS

Notebook name: frederick_ipts.ipynb


This notebook will re-group the data using the metadata recorded in the name of the files.

Start the notebook

If you need help accessing this notebook, check the How To > Start the python notebooks tutorial.

Select your IPTS

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Select Images to Process

Select the images you want to process using the File Selector. Once you click the Select button, the time stamp and the images will be automatically loaded. Wait for the progress bar to be done.

Sorting Files

Using the name of the files, the program will retrieve the Temperature (T) and Pressure (P) of the data set.

Here is what those file names look like

The program will then re-group the files by time stamp first and then by T and P parameters.

This process may take some times as the program is loading all the data and calculating the groups.

Display Images

By running the display images cell, a UI pops up that will allow you to browse your data using the groups extracted from the previous step.