List Bragg Edges of an Element

Notebook name: list_element_bragg_edges.ipynb


This notebook lists the given number of hkl, d-spacing and Bragg Edges values for one of the listed element.

If you need help accessing this notebook, check the How To > Start the python notebooks tutorial.

How to Use It?

Select the entries

Select the element and the number of data you want to see.

Table Result

The next cell will display the following information

  • name of the material you selected
  • lattice value
  • crystal structure
  • if the program used the local metadata table or retrieved the information from the NIST web site directly
  • d-spacing and Bragg edges values for each hkl

Export table

You have the option to export the table information as a CSV (comma separated file format).

Select the output folder where the file will be created. The file will then be created automatically using the following file name convention