Combine Folders

Notebook name: combine_folders.ipynb


There are situations where you want to combine similar images from different folders. This is the notebook you were looking for.

You will need to select the input folders first. The program will let you know if they do not have the same number of images and will stop there.

Then you will just need to specify the kind of combination you are looking for (add, mean) and then the output folder

Fig 1: Example of input folders

Fig 2: What the output may look like

Select your IPTS

Need help using the [IPTS selector](/tutorial/notebooks/select_ipts/#activate-search)?

Select the Input Folders

Using the folder selection tool, select the folders you want to combine.

The program will then automatically check that the input folders have the same number of files.

If they do, you will see the following green message

But if they don’t, you will quickly see that something is wrong when you see the red message

The only requirement of this notebook is that the folders must contain the same number of images.

How many folders do you want to combine together?

According to the number of folders selected, the program will let you choose the way you want them combined.

For example, if you select 4 folders, you will have the option to combine them by 2, 3 or 4. If you select 3, the 4th folder won’t be used.

How do you want to combine the folders

What algorithm do you want to use to combine them. You have the option to add or to mean those images.

Not seeing the algorithm you want to use? Please let me know and I will add it (Jean Bilheux)

Select output folder

Using the folder selection tool, select the output location.

A double progress bar (folder and file progress) will show you the progress of the combination of the folders.

In our example, let’s pretend we selected to combine the folders 2 by 2, the output will look like this