MCP Det. Corr.

The following tutorial will guide, step by step, in running the MCP correction program


Every single data acquired using the MCP detector needs to be corrected for detector efficiency.

Old Way

In the past, one had to go through the following steps:

  • start the windows command line tool
  • locate the .exe script (using file browser) and drag and drop it into the command line window
  • add a space in the command line
  • locate the first image of the data set to correct
  • Run the script and wait …
  • rename the folder correction created by the script
  • grab this folder and move it to final location
  • repeat for all other set of data

New Way

  • start MCPcorrection program
  • select root folder containing all data set
  • select output folder
  • click correction button
The **parent folder** must be the folder seating on top of the data folder! This looks confusing? Well just follow the following diagram. In such a case, you should select the first folder!

Step by Step

Select the parent folder

Make sure the folder you select contains all the data folders. Any other folder selected (higher or lower in the hierarchy will crash the application)!

Select the data folder to correct

In the table, simply select all the data folder you want to correct. If a row is highlighted, this folder will be corrected

Select the output folder

The data corrected will be moved into this folder

Naming convention

Each data set corrected will be copied inside a folder based on the name of all the images and inside a folder of the data folder + “_corrected”.

Full correction animation


This is where you can define the starting default folder, default output folder and also the run correction time out. The script run in the back requires user input to finish it, because we wanted to allow you to run several job one after the other without your input, we, using the time out value, stop the process manually. During testing, we found that 35s is long enough to allow all the files to be translater. In case you find that the time out shows up too early, you may need to increase the time here.