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You may need to use Putty if you are on a Windows machine or terminal if you are on a MAC.
See for help.
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See for help.
2. X11 Forwarding
CADES resources support X11 forwarding, which enables the use of graphical tools. To use X11 forwarding, download an X11 terminal. On most Linux distros, xterm is built-in to the operating system. On MacOS, the XQuartz system handles X11 forwarding. You can access XQuartz by typing xterm in a standard Terminal. On Windows, PuTTY with xming support can be used to provide X11 forwarding.
Once you select an X11 terminal and open it, execute the ssh -X command at the prompt. If the connection does not work, replace -X with -Y. Because the option is case-sensitive, make sure you use capital letters. Upon connecting to the CADES, type xeyes or xclock to verify that the X11 system is functional.
Log in to CADES resources with X11 forwarding enabled
ssh -X
ssh -X
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