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# Cades Condo GPUs
CADES Condo's have several GPUS
#### Open Condo Queues for Condo Groups on SLURM
| Name | Max Walltime (D-H:M:S) | # Nodes | Cores | Micro arch. | RAM | Local Scratch | GPU |
......@@ -10,6 +12,12 @@ CADES Condo's have several GPUS
| `gpu_p100` | 14-0:0:0 | 8 | 36 | Broadwell | 500G | 2T | 2x P100 (GP100) |
The birthright nodes have 2 GPUS each. We will use one of them to do a vector addition in this challenge.
# OpenACC on Condo setup
For this example and challenge you will need to have done the Globus challenge to get the files.
Otherwise, please login to or-slurm-login01 and cp -r /lustre/or-hydra/cades-birthright/world-shared/GPU-Basics .
## VecAdd.c
VecAdd.c adds two vectors A and B to produce C, where Ci = Ai + Bi. This version of code was brought to you Lustre Birthright scratch space during the Globus challenge.
......@@ -126,6 +134,9 @@ mpirun nvprof ./vecAdd.o
Below is a batch script to run the VecAdd.o, that you compiled on the GPU, in challange 1. Note that we are using NVProf. Fill in the blanks using your knowledge of the SLURM batch directives
and the CADES software environment.
In the sample folder the script is called gpu.sbatch.
vi gpu.sbatch and fill in the missing parts of the script as described below.
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