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# CADES Spring Training
Welcome to CADES Spring Training
# What is CADES?
Basic Compute + Data Converged Services:
A suite of starter computing and analytics tools (Cloud, Storage, HPC, and Data Transfer) offered to ORNL researchers at no initial cost.
For this Training we will use the Birthright Condo access.
This consists of 10 Hazwell nodes with 250 GB RAM, 32 cpu cores, and 2 K80 (GK21) GPUS each.
To gain Access see:
Scalable HPC:
Enhanced compute, data, and storage resources can be purchased by projects and programs with unique computing needs.
Open and Moderate Reseach Condos
Science Data Holdings:
CADES is enabling science through data-centric capabilities. ORNL researchers’ interdisciplinary collaboration and science outcomes are accelerated by making scalable data analytics/AI toolkits and knowledge resources easily available to every scientist.
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