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1. Log in to ssh
The DGXs are available for users in UNIX groups corresponding to birthright and CCSD slurm accounts. These UNIX groups are:
cades-ccsd cades-birthright
So to check whether you will be able access the DGXs, check that you are a member of at least one of these UNIX groups. Please note that while these two UNIX group authorizes access to the DGXs, they do so with different restrictions.
2. X11 Forwarding
For CCSD users:
* SBATCH -p dgx2a
* SBATCH -p dgx2b
The max wall time for the dgx2a and dgx2b queues is unlimited.
For birthright users:
* SBATCH -p dgx2a-birthright
* SBATCH -p dgx2b-birthright
The max wall time for the birthright queues is 72 hours and CCSD jobs can preempt birthright jobs.
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